P-N junction diode

p type holes are the majority carrier and electrons are the minority carrier

while in case of the n type semiconductor the electron re majority carrier and holes are minority carriers.

Now p type and n type and doping represent here

show the diagram there are two types of diode p type and n type and middel part depletion layer and width increase when forword voltage increase show the diagram,left side positive and left side negative side terminal.

left side to represent p type and right side n type and negative electrons are red and positive holes are white

We can convert the silicon crystal into the pn junction

Here this junction is the border where the p type and n type region meets and this silicon crystal convert into pn junction

p type and n type meets as the diode because here the p type and n type region act like a two-electrode


understanding the pn junction we can understand all kind of semiconductor device so in this p-type region each circled negative sign represents the trivalent atom the positive sign represent the hole atom.

similar n type represent pentavalent atom and electrons

p side electron are minority carrier and whenever this p,n region are joining electron from the n side start diffusing toward p type

whenever electron enters the p type region then it becomes the minority carrier and surrounded by so many holes

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