Microwave engineering

Microwave engineering to study design of microwave circuit, component and system.

Microwave is electronics wave above 10^3 megahertz (1 gigahertz ) up to 300 gz because of short physical wavelength of these frequencies

Application of microwave


  • space communication(earth to space and space to earth)
  • intercontinental telephone and T.V
  • Telemetry communication link for railways.

2.industrial application

  • Food processing industries
  • microwave oven(2.45ghz, 600w)
  • plastic industries, chemical industry, Rubber industries, Forest production

3.Medical Application

  • microwave is using various diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.
  • Hyperthermia For Cancer Therapy
  • Deep em heating for treating cancers.


  • To track and guide missiles, detect aircraft and other

5.Miscellaneous application

  • In air traffic control catc
  • Police speed Detectors
  • Garage door openers


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